ARTISTS: Michael Pukac

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About the Artist

Michael Pukac is a full time Los Angeles based artist and live painter.

Michael Pukac, Alabama born and Los Angeles based artist has quickly
established himself as one of the more prolific live painters as well
as made a name for himself by exhibiting constantly and relentlessly
throughout the LA art community. His unique blend of seductive,
classical imagery is cross pollinated with a witty, contemporary edge
of subtle satire – all doused in reflective paint.
Pukac was born on the gulf coast of Alabama and grew up in the swamps.
After making his first art sale at age 8 of a nude drawing on the back
of the school bus, Pukac decided to pursue a career in the arts. He
had his first exhibition at 19 at The White House in Washington D.C.
for a national display of student work and thereafter became one of
the more recognized artists in Southern Alabama, selling out many
featured and solo shows. He graduated from the Ringling School of Art
and Design in 2003 in Sarasota , FL with a BFA focusing on painting.
Thereafter, he has made painting a full time gig, traveling the
country, making a living off of his fine art, murals, and
illustrations. In the last 5 years, Pukac has hosted and curated art
events, art walks, illustrated a series of children’s books that were
recently published, and produced other live performances around the
country.  He has participated in over three dozen art shows, starting
from the age of 19, with close to a dozen solo exhibitions. In 2007,
he moved to Long Beach, California, along with his art manager
Dicapria, and pretty much took to the ground running, participating in
a few shows a month and live painting as much as possible. He has live
painted at events by  MOCA Contemporaries, Thinkspace Gallery, The
Hive Gallery, Create Fixate, the Downtown LA Artwalk, Lucent Lamour,
and more.
Pukac now resides in Long Beach, CA and continues to exhibit his works
throughout Southern California.


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